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In planning our wedding, my husband and I recognized how special it was to get the chance to celebrate with all of our loved ones in one place together. We kept thinking, how much more fun could our wedding be if all of our guests already knew each other? And how much less stress would we have, not facing the pressure of making dozens of introductions while trying to enjoy the day we spent so long dreaming about?   

I started Our Wedding Party to find out! If we could introduce our friends and relatives on both of our sides ahead of time, everyone might feel more welcome and relaxed on the big day. 

The effort paid off! On our wedding day, the party atmosphere was immediate the moment guests arrived. The dance floor was full before dinner even started! People who might not have known each other were striking up conversations like they were old friends. And the two of us had time to savor every dance, every moment together. 

After the celebration, we loved hearing how our guests stayed connected even after the wedding – friends from London and Chicago went traveling together…. My aunt and mother-in-law became best buds… And now, thanks to Our Wedding Party, my husband and I have a digital keepsake of our guests, full of stories, advice, and memories from our community of supporters as we begin our life together.

I hope you and your guests enjoy Our Wedding Party and use it to connect in fun, meaningful, and memorable ways before, during, and after your wedding!




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