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Make Your Virtual Wedding More Personal Connected & Fun

This is a crazy, chaotic time. The word unprecedented is way overused at this point. But, it seems like the only word to describe what we’re all going through. If you’re planning a wedding or virtual wedding amidst this uncertainty, we admire your resilience, creativity, and flexibility. And we’ve got a great way here at Our Wedding Party to keep your guests connected, even if they are many miles apart. 

Hey Virtual Wedding Couples! 

You’re taking the plunge and getting married over the interwebs and we’re pretty stoked for you. This is your big day and we’re here to help you make it super special and memorable. Not only is it the day you guys become officially married, but it’s also the first time when many of your loved ones will meet.  

Your guests all know you but they may be strangers to one another. Break the ice with Our Wedding Party and introduce your communities virtually. All you’ll need to do is simply upload your guest list and we take care of the rest.

You can give guests the option to complete their profiles, answer fun questions, upload their photos and add blurbs about your connection to each guest. It’s an easy way to give your wedding the full experience of a party, even if everyone is in separate locations! Now, instead of quick zoom introduction or message in a chat box, your guests can feel connected to each and every one of your guests. Extend the celebration beyond your virtual wedding ceremony by giving guests this chance to engage with each other. Our convenient message board is a quick and simple way for guests to interact with you as well.

Build energy and connection amongst your loved ones whether celebrating near or far for your virtual or zoom wedding. You also have the option to create a digital keepsake with Our Wedding Party Gold, and transfer your guest gallery into a digital guestbook that you can save and even print into a real life guestbook. Invite your guests to add a message, a memorable story, or their best marriage advice. It’s a keepsake you’ll enjoy for years to come.

We See You Minimony People

Did you get married with a small group of masked guests? Now it’s time to meet the faces behind the masks! Relax, we’re not talking about in person…yet. But Our Wedding Party is a fun and safe way to give all of your guests a chance to get to know each other before you have that post-pandemic reception celebration. 

P.S. Do you have one small intimate guest list for your mini ceremony and a much bigger list of attendees for your future party? Our Wedding Party is an AWESOME way to keep everyone engaged (and keep anyone from feeling excluded if they couldn’t attend your small ceremony!)  

Post-Pandemic Wedding Party?

Did you get married over Zoom during the pandemic and now are planning on a larger party in the future? If so, you might be stressing that some of the excitement over your big celebration will lose steam as the time between tying the knot and celebrating stretches out. Our Wedding Party is a great solution to this! 

Just because it’s taken a little longer to bring everyone together, doesn’t make it any less special. Keep all your guests feeling connected. Build up anticipation and get your guests looking forward to your celebration with Our Wedding Party’s Guest Gallery. Here your loved ones will get to know each other. Unlike a video call, guests can log on at anytime to browse your guest list. And with Our Wedding Party‘s Guest Profiles, each guest gets a chance to shine. It’s the perfect way to keep everyone engaged and ready for that big celebration soon to come!


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