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It is free to setup an account on Our Wedding Party. To include our premium features for your wedding, add Our Wedding Party Gold for $129. Gold features include Text Alerts, Song Request lists, and a print-friendly version of your personalized Our Wedding Party digital guestbook.

We are a mobile and web-optimized site, so there is nothing for your guests to download or create a new login for. If you’d like to be able to access our website quickly, you can add it to your homescreen. Click the link below for instructions on how you can do this.

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Your event has a personalized QR code. Add this to the back of your wedding program, welcome signs, menus, etc. When a phone camera is held up to the code, your OWP event will pop up directly. No additional sign in required! Think of this as the new wedding hashtag.

We also recommend letting your guests know they can bookmark your Our Wedding Party page to their phone’s homescreen. Click here for a quick how-to you can share with guests.

It’s up to you! We’ve made Our Wedding Party customizable so you can connect your guests easily, whether you’re just starting to receive RSVPs or your wedding is this month. Visit our Host Guide once you sign up to learn more.

All you’ll need is your guestlist so you can easily upload everyone who is attending. To bring your Our Wedding Party to life, you can customize the features and details displayed via The Good Stuff page. You can put everything together in under an hour, or add a co-host and have fun adding additional stories and fun facts together. You can also invite your guests to contribute to their profiles by uploading images and stories, and turn Our Wedding Party into your digital guestbook.


PRO TIP: Be sure to collect your guests’ email addresses as part of their RSVP. By adding your guest emails to your Our Wedding Party event, your guests can add to their guest profile. They can add their photo and a message or memory to your digital guestbook. Or even answer fun conversation starter questions like “what song gets you on the dance floor?” or “what’s your favorite sports team?”

Our Wedding Party is a social platform designed to help you make the most of your wedding celebrations by introducing your guests ahead of time. Break the ice now, and whether it’s your childhood friends, fiance’s colleagues, grandparents, or distant cousins, everyone will feel more connected, comfortable, and ready to celebrate together at your wedding.

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